What Is 7 Day Car Insurance Policy?

A seven day car insurance policy is a short term or temporary coverage provided by insurers to drivers that drive vehicles occasionally. Such types of car covers can be ideal for owners as well as non-owners of cars. You may need to drive a car in some specific situations for a week’s time period. In such circumstances, buying a 7 day auto insurance coverage could be better as it will give you adequate financial protection.

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Why Should You Buy 7 Day Car Insurance Online?

By buying low cost 7 day auto insurance online, you can drive borrowed or leased car for specified time period of 7 days without having to worry about any eventuality involving the vehicle that you are driving. You can get real peace of mind while on road as you know you have total financial protection. Besides, there could be some major advantages of purchasing a cheap weekly car insurance coverage. These are as mentioned below.

  • Contract is applicable for one week only - After the car coverage period is over at the end of the week, you are relieved from the terms of the contract.
  • Secure comprehensive coverage for 7 days - With cheap 7 day car insurance quotes, you get full or comprehensive coverage for the borrowed or leased car. This may include damages caused to third party property as well as financial losses incurred due to fire, theft, vandalism, hailstorms, etc. involving the borrowed or leased vehicle. You must remember that regular auto insurance policies don’t cover unlisted drivers. You as well as others involved in accident will personally also remain protected for bodily injuries as you will have adequate liability coverage to take care of medical bills.
  • No claims discount remains fully protected - A weekly car insurance policy is a standalone cover that has no effect on any existing auto insurance coverage. Hence, even if the borrowed or leased car meets with an accident, no claims bonus on the vehicle’s present policy will remain unaffected. Car owner will be still able to get discount as there is no claim filed on regular policy.
  • It is possible get 7 day car insurance quickly - It won’t take much time to get weekly car insurance cover. You can secure free quotes from several different insurers within just few minutes of your applying online. Insurers only want you to provide some basic information relating to the vehicle that you are going to drive and the extent of coverage you will need. The coverage will begin the moment you pay premium and you will receive policy document in your email.

Determine Your Reason For Buying Cheap 7 Day Car Insurance Cover Online

  • You need to borrow vehicle - If you are urgently required to borrow or lease a car for a week’s time for whatever reason then buying a 7 day auto insurance policy may be worthwhile. Such a move will have no bearing on the borrowed or leased vehicle’s existing coverage.

  • Your teen is going to be back home - If you are expecting your teen back home for a week’s vacation and he/she is likely to drive your car then it is better to buy 7 day car insurance for new drivers. It won’t have any impact on your regular policy.

  • Drive car to go out for vacation - Having a temporary car insurance cover for 7 days may be useful if you are going out on a vacation with your family members/friends for a week’s time. You can enjoy peace of mind while you drive the borrowed or leased car.

  • You have purchased a new vehicle - In case you are considering buying new car, you can think of purchasing short term 7 day auto insurance coverage until you select and finalize annual policy. Such a proposition can enable you to drive new car from dealership to home with protection.

When Can You Get 7 Day Car Insurance Policy?

There could be several situations wherein you may be actually prompted to buy 7 day car insurance cover as follows.

  • You are thinking of borrowing a car from friend or relative for a week’s time period as you want to shift your valuable belongings to a new place of residence.
  • There is an emergency like a family member’s hospitalization that requires you to get car on hire or borrow one from a friend or relative.
  • Your personal vehicle is at workshop for repairs and maintenance as a result of which you need to borrow car or get one on rent for at least 7 days.
  • . You want to test drive new cars during your effort to purchase new vehicle and drive it home from dealership.
  • You need a borrowed or rented car for enjoying vacation with your family members or friends.
  • Your teen is back at home from college for a short vacation and will be driving your personal car.

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How Much Does 7 Day Car Insurance Cost?

Although buying 7 day temporary car insurance seems logical, there may be a downside to the proposition. The premium rates charged for weekly auto insurance policies will be higher than those offered for regular car covers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good or bad driver; the implications will be the same. Instead, in normal monthly auto insurance policies, insurers always refund premium amount for unused coverage period should you think of switching over to a new insurer midway through the policy. But they might charge nominal fees if you decide to cancel the coverage before end of term.

Our online 7 day auto insurance compare calculator may enable you to know how much a 7 day auto insurance quote may cost. And you will find that if you decide to retain the coverage afterwards for the entire year, the premium expenses will be much higher than those for a regular annual policy. To facilitate the decision making process, our specialist will assist you during the shopping process. We work with top rated companies and so, quality of car coverage is rest assured. Use our expert services online for securing a solution that fits your budget. Apply online now!

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